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Eddy Wertheym was born in The Hague and raised in Amsterdam, Holland.
Studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and immigrated to Israel in 1987 after completing his studies.
Today he is a plastic surgeon in Rehovot combining his profession with his passion in his home based studio...



Eddy's love for art started at an early age after his parents bought him his first Talens' paint box at the age of 12.
Through dilligent copying the old Dutch masters in Amsterdam's museums, he gradually acquired his technical skills.
Except for a short learning period with artist Netta Lieber-Sheffer, he is autodidact.

He paints in a natural, realistic style with  a "touch of Impressionism"'. His style is influenced by Freud, Sargent  and dutch painters such as Hals, Rembrandt and modern artists like Pander , Fischl and Borremans.

The subjects for his paintings can usually be found in the vicinity of his daily surroundings: his dogs, the cows and fields in his village, the operating theatre.
All works are in oil, often on wooden panels.


His passion for dogs becomes obvious  in his animal series.
The main models being the 12 year old, laid back and friendly mixed Labrador, Bonny, and the young, hyperactive mixed Collie, Shandy, with her fiery eyes and silky long coat.



The series "Moments" was made after the passing away of his mother. She fell ill in the winter of 2006 and during the six consecutive months Eddy would visit her frequently in Amsterdam.
In this period he documented her decline in hundreds of sketches and photographs, ultimately leading to a series of 25 paintings and the exhibition "Moments" three years later.

A more recent series, called "Alcazar" is based on a rare black and white movie filmed by a group of dutch Jews, while hiding from the German occupiers, showing themselves in their daily routine.

Viewing this movie in Amsterdam left a deep impression on Eddy and he embarked on a large series of paintings based on the movies scenes.

For more information on the "Alcazar" series go to the blog.


He participated in several group exhibitions and had his first solo exhibition in 2010. Recently, several works were displayed in two private galleries in New York.

Eddy is married, has two children and lives in Kidron, Israel.


Spring 2015

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